Underwater photography

Picture of Green Fins members being trained in Singapore.
Picture of a diver coming to the surface of the ocean.

The Sustainability Interview: Bali Scuba

To get some more insight into what it’s like to be a Green Fins member, we chatted to Virginie Casse from Bali Scuba in Sanur which joined the programme in 2019.

Picture of Reef World team with Green Fins assessors

Developing sustainable tourism practices in Ambon, Indonesia, October 2019

While still a lesser known dive destination – there are only a handful of dive shops in the area – awareness of Ambon among divers is steadily growing. For this reason, Green Fins implementation is key while this relatively “young” dive destination is still developing. By reaching the Ambon dive industry before it gets too big, the Green Fins Indonesia team can set the bar for environmental standards and make sustainable diving practices the norm in the area.