Saudi Arabia

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These members were previously active but have not had a Green Fins assessment or self-evaluation to verify their environmental impact in the last 12 months. An inactive status does not mean they are not operational or that they are not following environmental standards.

Descent Dive Club

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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How is Digital Membership different from Certified?

Digital membership compliments the original Green Fins certified membership – it is offered in locations where operators (dive, snorkel and liveaboard businesses) cannot be assessed yet by a local Green Fins team. This provides an opportunity to join the Green Fins network and start implementing positive change before their country becomes an active Green Fins country.

Digital Members make the same commitment to implement the Green Fins code of conduct, however each Digital Member’s sustainability journey is self-managed online. This includes a thorough self-evaluation of the operation’s environmental practices which generates a personalised score and annual action plan. Ongoing support is available in the Solutions Library and Community Forum.

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