Single-use plastic

Picture of a canvas bag with the slogan 'save our reefs'.

How to Reduce Your Plastic Footprint While Travelling

People around the world are becoming more aware of the issues around single-use plastic and how to reduce their plastic footprint in day to day life. But what about while travelling? On the road, it can feel even more difficult to reduce your plastic use. But, with a bit of planning, it can be done. And even if everyone made just a few small changes to their plastic consumption, it could have a big impact on the environment.

Picture of a single-use plastic bag floating in the ocean.

8 Things You Need to Know about Ocean Plastics

In March 2019, the UN Environment launched three reports each addressing plastic pollution on the world’s ocean ecosystems. We already know plastic is a huge problem for our oceans – but how much of a threat does plastic pollution pose?