Sustainability chit-chat with Humboldt Explorer, A Green Fins Livaboard in the Galapagos Islands

Humboldt Explorer was built in 2010 and started operations that year. She is a liveaboard vessel of the Explorer Ventures liveaboard diving fleet and runs 7-night liveaboard trips in the Central and Northern Islands in the Galapagos Islands. Humboldt Explorer is the only boat in the Galapagos that spends 4 days at the remote islands … Read more

Explorer Ventures - Turks and Caicos Explorer 2

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Fleet

The last year has shown us how vulnerable the diving industry is to uncertainty and that sustainability is the key to resilience.   Covid-19 has changed travel, brought new economic challenges, and added more rapidly increasing threats to the environment. The pandemic has proven that the health of our planet is unquestionably connected to our way … Read more