June 2015 – Green Fins Malaysia Developments

Green Fins has recently been working rigorously in expanding and promoting Green Fins in Malaysia by going from one island to another over the last few months to recruit new members, promoting Green Fins during the Malaysian International Dive Expo 2015 and meeting relevant government agencies to get them onboard and make them realise Green Fins is the way forward to ensure sustainable diving practices. Green Fins was implemented in the country in 2009 and has been inactive until its rejuvenation in 2014, which involved the partnership between Reef Check Malaysia and Department of Marine Park Malaysia, the training of 4 local assessors by Reef-World on Tioman Island, and the recruitment of 5 Green Fins members on Tioman Island and 2 on Mabul Island.

Picture of the Green Fins Malaysia team having a meeting.

Over the last few months, Green Fins recruited 2 new members in Tioman Island, 6 in Perhentian Island, 3 in Redang Island and 1 in Mataking Island, and reassessed 3 existing members on Tioman Island. The assessment score for each dive shop has reduced almost by half, meaning less environmental impacts. This shows that Green Fins’ approach works and helps dive shops to minimise their impacts to the marine environment.

 The success in the rapid expansion was largely due to the partnership between Reef Check Malaysia (NGO) and Department of Marine Park Malaysia (Government). Both stakeholders commit themselves to work hand in hand to ensure Green Fins is not falling back to its inactive state but to bring it to greater heights. The Department of Marine Park Malaysia has generously sponsored Green Fins materials while Reef Check Malaysia has diligently carried out Green Fins’ ground works – promoting Green Fins, getting relevant government agencies onboard, recruiting new Green Fins members and training new and existing members – with financial support from the Department of Marine Park Malaysia.

Picture of the Malaysian flag.