April 2014 – Green Fins at ADEX 2014 – Dedicated to Coral Reefs

The annual Asia Dive Expo (ADEX) is a gathering of divers, dive centres, tour operators, dive equipment providers and NGOs from all over the world. In recent years there has been a higher focus on marine conservation, with talks from industry experts and displays by major conservation NGOs from around the world.

This year’s theme was ‘coral reefs’ – a perfect fit for Green Fins, which aims to protect and conserve coral reefs by establishing a sustainable diving industry by implementing it’s Code of Conduct.

The Reef-World Foundation, with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme, ran a booth aimed at promoting the project and reaching out to divers to adopt best practices. Visitors had the chance to leave their “Requests for the Reefs” for other divers to take heed! Check them our on the Green Fins Facebook Page!

Divers could also catch a talk on the relationship between divers and corals entitled ‘Coral Reef Conversations’, and watch the Green Fins DVD and The Coral Song.

Catch Green Fins at ADEX again next year where we’ll be continuing to encourage sustainable diving and promoting the amazing environmental work that our members put in to running their businesses. 

About ADEX

Since its inception with the first edition in 1995, ADEX has been the largest, and the longest-running dive expo in Asia, thus becoming one of the “must-attend” events in the industry. Since its handover to the Underwater360 (UW360) group in late 2009, ADEX has seen significant growth and expansion in size and variety in its Singapore, China and its recent addition, India. An established trade-show and a trusted name in the industry, ADEX has since evolved, edition to edition, and further positioned itself to be “more than just a dive show”; opening its doors to welcome divers, non-divers, families and students with its specially curated programmes and festivities to grow beyond its current community. The show serves as an invigorating platform for the diving community – giving them a voice and providing a space they can meet, foster relationships, exchange ideas, and receive recognition for their achievements.