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Hub General

The Green Fins Hub is a global platform for Certified and Digital Green Fins Members to manage their environmental sustainability journey. Features include account management, an environmental action plan, a library of environmental solutions for marine tourism-related threats and the Green Fins Community Forum.

Green Fins Hub is intended for staff working at dive centres, snorkelling centres, or liveaboards that would like to become Green Fins Members. If you are an individual we recommend taking the Dive Guide e-Course or Diver e-Course and choosing to dive with a Green Fins Member.

To get started register a personal account for yourself or learn about Green Fins membership

What’s an operation?

An ‘operation’ is a single dive shop, snorkel company, or liveaboard vessel with physical presence in one location. If the operation is part of a bigger group or chain that shares a common brand, each individual operation or liveaboard vessel must register separately. Your Hub Personal account can be linked to more than operation for management insight.

Typical operations are businesses or non-profits that operate diving or snorkelling activities. These operations will normally have guide/instructor staff, buildings, equipment, tanks, compressors, boats, engines, classrooms, kitchens, rinse tanks and showers.

The Green Fins assessment (for certified membership) system and self-evaluation (for digital membership) systems capture detailed operational information about these areas in order to take a snapshot of the environmental threats posed by that business both above and below water. This is then used to build an action plan effective for the remainder of that membership period (usually 12 months). Green Fins Hub will only ask boat questions if your operation uses boats.

If you are a tour operator who takes guests on curated diving experiences, please encourage the operations that provide you with facilities to sign up themselves for Green Fins membership. Tour operators are welcome to use Green Fins conservation materials and promote and the Green Fins Diver e-Course to their customers.

I’m a freelancer or dive instructor, can I use Green Fins Hub?

Green Fins Hub has been built around operations.

  • As a freelancer or dive instructor, you can speak with the operation owner/manager of the operation(s) where you work to encourage them to sign up their operation for Green Fins membership.

    The Hub Manager can invite you as a Hub Teammate once they have completed the assessment (certified membership) / self-evaluation (digital membership) and agreed to implement an action plan. This will grant your Hub Personal Account access to the Green Fins Community Forum, Solutions Library and the ability to help each manager with their action plan. You can be a Hub Teammate of more than one operation and the Hub will keep track of any progress that you log for each operation independently.
  • For independent dive pros, we recommend that you complete the Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course and purchase the certificate to demonstrate course completion and supports vital work protecting the marine environment. 
  • You can also encourage guests to complete the Green Fins Diver e-Course or go a step further and make it a requirement before joining you underwater.

If you are unsure, please email and the Reef-World team will be able to provide specific direction.

If you experience issues, try a force refresh

Typically, when you refresh a page, your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc) still serves up the cached version of the page rather than downloading all of the assets again. But you can bypass this cache and force a complete refresh by using some simple hotkeys. This ensures you receive the latest version of the Green Fins Hub including any recent bug fixes.

Please visit in your browser and complete a “force refresh”:

  • Windows and Linux browsers: CTRL + F5
  • Chrome and Firefox for Mac: CMD + SHIFT + R
  • Apple Safari: SHIFT + Reload toolbar button

This method only bypasses the cache for the specific page that you’re on. It leaves the rest of your browser cache safely untouched.


How-to hand over Hub Manager role to another person

Log into Green Fins Hub – from the Home screen click on the Operation Card:

Click on ‘Manage operation’:

Click on ‘Manage team’:

If you only have one person associated to the operation, invite them to join with their Hub Personal Account email address (ask them to let you know when they have accepted):

Once they have accepted your invitation, a ‘Transfer’ button will appear next to the current Hub Manager:

Follow the instructions to complete the transfer:

If the selected user is already a Hub manager elsewhere you will see a warning – please speak to the person directly to understand whether they need to hand over their other responsibilities.

Add or change an Agency ID (e.g. Store number, Center ID)

If for any reason you need to change the Agency ID (e.g. Store number, Center ID) provided during registration, you can do so from the Manage operation screen.

Log in to Green Fins Hub. From the Home screen, click on your operation name to open the Operation Dashboard

Then click on ‘Edit profile and teammates’ to open the Manage operation screen.

Scroll down until you find the agency that you would like to update:

For PADI members specifically, please only include the number (do not include ‘S-‘ or ‘P’ before the number)

Finally, scroll down and click on the green ‘Save’ button.

Please note:

It can take between 6 and 24 hours for the changes to be recognised by the agency. If after 24 hours you are not seeing the change reflected then please contact for assistance.

Hub Onboarding

Why does each person need to individually register with their real name?

Everyone must register a Hub Personal Account for themselves which is then linked to the operation(s) where they work as either a ‘Hub Manager’ or ‘Hub Teammate’. This is so that so that you don’t lose your e-Course progress and reputation in the community forum if you change jobs.

Green Fins Hub operates a ‘real name’ policy so that everyone in the community forum knows who they are speaking with. You must maintain your own Hub Personal Account to ensure that any contributions you make to the operation Action Plan log, community forum and e-Courses are credited to you personally.

  • Hub Personal Accounts are free of charge and can be easily linked and unlinked from the operation(s) where you work.
  • The name on your Hub Personal Account should be the name that your friends call you in everyday life. This name should also appear on an ID or document that could be verified.
  • Please do not share your account login information with anyone else.
  • Please note that The Reef-World Foundation monitors accounts to ensure the integrity of Green Fins membership.

Green Fins Hub will recommend all users to sign up with an email address that is not tied to their current workplace. (Alternatively, remember to change your personal account email if you move operations between jobs).

If you are locked out of your account or need help to change the name or username please contact for assistance.

How-to register a second operation

If you are responsible for more than one dive centre, snorkel shop or liveaboard operation then you can add and manage them all through Green Fins Hub.

Please note:

The Reef-World Foundation monitors accounts to ensure the integrity of Green Fins membership.

Click on the hamburger MENU button to open the side menu. Look for ‘View all operations’.

Click ‘Add new operation’

You may see a warning if you are already a Hub Manager of an existing operation

If you are deeply involved in local operations and have recently dived with customers in both the new and previously registered operations, then you can proceed. Otherwise please hand over Hub Manager role to another person.

How-to register a dive centre, snorkel shop or liveaboard operation

Please note:

Everyone who works for a marine tourism operation and wants to participate in the Green Fins network must first register a Hub Personal Account to post as themselves in the community forum and directly contribute to implementing Green Fins solutions in their workplace.

Your personal account can be easily linked and unlinked to one or more operations and stays with you as your career develops.

  • Use your real name;
  • Do not create more than one Hub Personal Account;
  • Do not share your password with anyone else, and;
  • Do not register a Hub Personal Account with an email address shared by more than one person.

New operations must be registered by a person with local decision making authority within the organisation, usually the owner or manager.

Head to or click the link on the Hub login screen:

Once a Hub Personal Account is successfully created, the Hub will invite you to add your operation or prompt for an invite to an existing operation:

The Hub offers a tailored experience for each industry, this cannot be changed later so please choose carefully. (Note: If your primary business is Diving but you also offer Snorkelling as a service, choose Diving)

Next complete the required registration information:

Next choose which membership type you would like to apply for. If you are uncertain, please review and

If certified membership is offered to you by the Hub, you almost certainly want to select this option:

Please read the Green Fins Code of Conduct:

All three checkboxes must be selected and a signature provided to continue:

Thats it! Please be patient while the local team in your country reviews your operation’s application for Green Fins membership. If you have not received an in-person assessment in the last 12 months or expect to arrange one in the next 3 months then Green Fins digital membership will be offered as an alternative.

If you do not hear from the national team within 7 days please contact for assistance.

I have paid for digital membership but I’m not listed as active

To become a digital member you need to complete the remaining steps including the self-evaluation and action plan (see:

From the Hub home screen please click on your operation card to open the operation dashboard (the operation card is a white box that includes the operation logo, name and membership status i.e. ‘Membership pending’). From the operation dashboard look for the orange card with title ‘Perform Self-Evaluation’, click on the ‘Start the self-evaluation’ button:

How do I give higher management insight into what is happening on the ground?

It is recommended that the local manager and at least one other employee from each operation registers on the Hub.

Centralised management is achieved by adding senior staff members to each operation they oversee as Hub teammates, they are then able to see what is going on at each operation and gain an overview of how each operation is performing against the others, and how the brand is performing overall. This is especially interesting if the brand has a mix of Certified and Digital operations.

Who should be the Hub Manager of the operation?

Hub Personal Accounts may be linked with one or more operations as either ‘Teammates’ or ‘Hub Managers’. Each operation is overseen by a single ‘Hub Manager’ so that is is clear who has ultimate responsibility for implementing the operation’s action plan.

The ‘Hub Manager’ completes the annual self-evaluation and build the annual action plan for their operation. This person should be a local manager deeply involved in operations with physical access and who has recently dived with customers.

It is very unusual that one individual person is a local manager of more than one operation so the Hub presents a warning message that you must click through if attempting to become a Hub manager of more than one operation.

New operations must be registered by a person with local decision making authority within the organisation, usually the owner or manager.

If you are replacing a manager in an existing operation please ask the manager to invite you to that operation on the Green Fins Hub and transfer management responsibility to you.

In the case of liveaboards with Green Fins digital membership, it is fine for senior or central management to complete the initial registration but Hub management responsibility should be handed over to the purser or captain so that a local manager with physical access and who has recently dived with customers is the person conducting the self-evaluation.

Everyone at the operation who works to implement Green Fins must register a personal Hub account for themselves.

Hub Managers sign the Code of Conduct, pay for membership, complete the self-evaluation and agree to their operation’s personalised action plan. The Hub Manager should be the local decision making authority within the organisation deeply involved in operations, usually the owner, manager or purser (not necessarily the most senior person working for the brand or organisation).

Teammates can access the Community Forum, contribute to the action plan log and have full access to the solutions library. Teammates do not complete self-evaluations.

Green Fins Hub onboarding requirements step by step

Hub Self-Evaluation

What is Self-Evaluation?

The self-evaluation is a key part of becoming a Green Fins Digital Member. The Owner or Manager will be prompted to answer a series of questions concerning their operation’s practices. This process can be paused and continued when time is available.

The Hub tailors the questions based on your answers and the information provided during registration. Each industry (scuba, snorkelling, liveaboard) has unique questions. The questions are worded to build user awareness and understanding of environmental threats (on the assumption that users want to learn throughout the process).

Please answer honestly – everyone is at different stages of their sustainability journey and there is no benefit to cheating the system. Green Fins Hub’s recommendations only work with accurate answers and Reef-World staff have audit tools to inspect and spot check if patterns of cheating are detected.

Green Fins Hub uses Reef-World’s Green Environmental Assessment Rating System (GEARS) to generate an impact score out of 10, with higher scores indicating better environmental performance.

The answers inform the solutions that Green Fins Hub will suggest for building an action plan for the upcoming year of Green Fins membership.

Hub Action Plan

How do I build an Action Plan for my operation?

After completing a Self-Evaluation, the Hub will review your answers and suggest relevant action points from the solutions library that will have the biggest improvement on your operation’s environmental performance.

Each operation chooses 4 action points to implement over the year of membership. At renewal Green Fins Hub will invite the Hub Manager to complete a new self-evaluation and choose 4 new action points for the forthcoming year.

We acknowledge the suggested action points may not be perfectly relevant, may already be in progress or complete, or may not be feasible to implement them throughout the course of the year.

You can send in a request by looking through the Solutions Library to find action points that are more relevant to your operation, then submit a request to switch the action points by sending an email to

How do I log progress for my operation?

All progress is tracked through the Action Plan on the Green Fins Hub platform. Staff at member operations log progress as they work towards achieving their 4 action points each year.

Teammates from the same operation can work together on their operation’s Action Plan.

Each action point has a linked solution article containing resources and tips to guide you. If you need help implementing the action plan, the community forum is there to help!

We advise you not to rush to complete the action plan. The goal of Green Fins membership is to help operators reduce environmental impact in a gradual way that creates lasting change. We want to encourage meaningful activity in Green Fins Hub and avoid accidentally creating incentives for users to rush or try to game the system.

What if I’m done with all of the action points? Can I add more?

Well done on completing the action points on or before your renewal. It is great to see the environmental progress you have made for the year.

We currently don’t offer the ability to add more action points once you have completed the action plan. We encourage users to post accomplishments in the community forum, discuss best practices with the larger community, and develop their existing procedures. You can also take it to the next level by browsing the Solutions Library and looking at other action points to implement in your operation.

We advise you not to rush to complete the action plan. The goal of Green Fins membership is to help operators reduce environmental impact in a gradual way that creates lasting change. We want to encourage meaningful activity in Green Fins Hub and avoid accidentally creating incentives for users to rush or try to game the system.

Green Fins Renewal and Eco Recognition programmes

When renewing your operation’s membership, Green Fins Hub will take the Hub Manager through the Self-Evaluation and Action Plan builder again. This means that the operation’s Impact, Action Plan and Community score from last year will reset.

These three score components form part of the requirements for Eco Recognition programmes (including but not limited to PADI Eco Centre). The Reef-World Foundation has introduced a 60 day grace period for recognition programmes (including but not limited to PADI Eco Center).

It is possible to renew Green Fins membership up to one month early which effectively gives three months to engage the community forum and log progress in the action plan to meet the threshold for recognition. Your team doesn’t need to have completed the Action Plan in order to qualify for recognition so please don’t rush this component!

If you have any questions about recognition, please contact

Membership FAQs

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