• Low-cost, practical actions that any operator can take
  • Champion best environmental practice & behaviour (attitude!)
  • Utilise environmental standards during briefings
  • Training to prioritise buoyancy skills
  • Earn PADI Eco Center status – coming soon!

How it Started

With a tagline; Seek Adventure. Save The Ocean, PADI is more committed than ever to continuing the legacy of its founders and protecting the diverse and bountiful ocean that our industry and world depend on.

Since 2018, PADI has worked in partnership with The Reef-World Foundation to realise the potential of our community as an example of how a global industry can successfully support people, planet and profit.

Our shared vision is to make sustainable diving and snorkelling the social norm, thereby improving the health of coral reefs across the global ocean.

What we’ve achieved together

  • Dedicating significant time and resources to the creation of Green Fins Hub, recognising it’s unmatched potential to support dive industry sustainability
  • Translating Green Fins’ most popular eco briefing cards and posters into over 11 languages.
  • Encouraging hundreds of PADI Members located in countries with certified membership is available to engage with the initiative.
  • Creating a Green Fins Collection on PADI Travel, encouraging more dive travel destinations to join the initiative through the Green Fins Hub and supporting divers in travelling more sustainably.
  • Making Green Fins membership a central criterion for the new revision of PADI’s Green Star Award, which recognises the environmental champions of PADI’s global network.
  • Stay tuned for more information at PADI & Reef-World’s joint session at DEMA 2022!