How it Started

As the very first liveaboard company to become a symbiotic partner with The Reef-World Foundation in 2018, Explorer Ventures has worked alongside the Green Fins initiative to develop new environmental guidelines for liveaboards and other operations. This partnership aims to decrease pressure on coral reefs and related ecosystems and contribute to the public’s behaviour change towards protecting coral reefs.

Explorer Ventures has been operating for over 30 years. They have worked continuously to drive the industry to sustainability by identifying challenges faced by liveaboards and developing sustainable solutions to those environmental challenges.

Explorer Ventures has proven that it’s possible to be a successful business and keep the health of the oceans a priority. After all, a healthy ocean means a healthy business.

What we’ve achieved together

  • Supported in developing various new solutions, from mooring programs to eco-friendly products to providing in-depth environmental dive briefings that have already fed into Green Fins’ global messaging.
  • Require all crew on their Caribbean vessels to take the Green Fins Dive Guide e-course, teaching dive professionals how to prevent diving-related coral reef damage.
  • In 2021, Explorer Ventures and Reef-World created a new onboarding video that all guests will watch prior to their trip.
  • Expand their efforts to their international fleet and set a good example to the rest of the diving industry to improve their environmental practices.
  • Supported Reef-World in the development of the new Green Fins Hub. Explorer Ventures vessels have been involved in the Pilot testing of this digital platform.