September 2016 – Green Fins at ADEX Beijing, China

The Reef-World Foundation (International Coordinators) was invited to represent Green Fins by hosting a booth and presenting on the main stage at the Asia Diving Expo (ADEX) held in Beijing from 2-4 September, 2016. This is the first time Green Fins has been to China and is part of a wider strategy from Reef-World, to increase awareness to tourists from the region visiting diving and snorkelling locations in SE Asia.

Over the three days 57,793 visitors came to visit the booths of marine conservation organisations, dive centres, tour operators, SCUBA diving equipment retailers and much more. The main stage had a packed schedule running throughout the event showcasing passionate speakers talking not just about diving and free diving topics but also important conservation discussions. Green Fins was proud to be the opening talk to the eager crowd who were mostly new to the initiative and the great work its 450+ members from 7 countries are doing, hearing all about how hard working they are to reduce their impacts on the marine environment

The booth was consistently busy with many visitors interested in how they could reduce their impact as enthusiastic divers. Showcasing a list 141 Active members, those which have been trained and environmentally assessed at their dive centre by qualified Green Fins assessors across Asia, divers were able to choose who to dive with for their next diving adventure.

Picture of a graphic promoting the Green Fins booth at ADEX in Beijing, China.

Introducing the new Green Fins cartoon diver, visitors to the booth were keen to pledge that they ‘Dive the Green Fins way’ once informed of how to avoid some of the most common ways that divers can damage the marine environment. Many were keen to suggest some of the best ways Green Fins can have a greater impact, often leading to meetings and collaborations with other businesses and organisations who were keen to be more environmental.

Overall the event was highly successful for Green Fins, and is the beginning of a new style and approach utilising unique and innovative ways to spread sustainable diving and snorkelling messages to the masses. Hopefully, Green Fins will build on these successes at the next dive expo to be held in China at the China Xiamen International Recreational Fishery Aquarium Expo from October 28th – 30th.

Reef-World would like to thank the organisers of this event, Underwater360 (UW360) for hosting Green Fins and also Loby and Steven, two amazing volunteers whose time and effort were critical to the success of the show. Thank you!