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Where is Green Fins?

Green Fins has been implemented in six countries to date. These countries have been specifically selected as part of United Nation Environment Programme (UNEP) mission to increase public awareness and improve management practices that will benefit the conservation of coral reefs and reduce unsustainable tourism practices. The Green Fins approach is part of the UNEP Regional Seas programme and was implemented in 2004 under the Coordinating Body of the Seas of East Asia (COBSEA). This UNEP Regional Sea programme is located in an area of the highest biodiversity on earth. It is also the fasted growing area of tourism in the world, therefore making it a priority area for Green Fins.

Under the IUCN, Mangroves for the Future initiative, the Green Fins approach is part of a Regional Programme that is supporting the implementation and growth of Green Fins into the Republic of the Maldives (outside SE Asia) and Vietnam. As International Coordinators, The Reef-World Foundation are working directly alongside national government departments to help them implement the programme but take their lead from the UNEP.

The Future

Diving and snorkelling tourism are rapidly growing sectors all over the world. Therefore the need for better education and awareness of marine threats is higher than ever. Together with UNEP, Reef-World are constantly looking for ways to spread the Green Fins approach to other areas of the globe to tackle tourist hotspot areas.