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This course is intended for professional instructors and guides leading and guiding other scuba divers. For recreational divers, we recommend the Green Fins Diver e-Course.

To take the Green Fins Dive Guide e-Course please click the green ‘Take this course’ button above. You may need to first ‘Login to enroll’ if you haven’t created an account before. If you need help contact:

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This course has been provided for free for those who cannot afford it. Please purchase a certificate with your name on it – you can do this at any point during the course and it will become available once you complete the user review. The certificate is $25 and supports vital work protecting the marine environment.

You may purchase certificates for this course in bulk to facilitate staff training or to assist your guests in becoming environmental champions. Please ensure you understand and agree to the terms and conditions on the following page before proceeding with the bulk buy option.

Download Conservation Tools

The Green Fins initiative aims to empower people like you to take simple actions to protect our oceans. You can download, use and share all our sustainability tools and materials for free.


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This course was written by The Reef-World Foundation in collaboration with Ankaret El Haj.

This course was supported by the UN Environment Programme.


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