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Launch of new Green Fins website

Published: 17th December 2013

Launch of  new Green Fins website

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce the arrival of this new website. With the help from our friends at 18a Productions and with funding from the Mangroves for the Future Initiative under the IUCN in collaboration with our partners the UNEP, we are able to overhaul the website. Administered by The Reef-World Foundation, the website is a unique portal for information to Green Fins members, tourists, local management teams, governments, individuals, volunteers and those with a shared passion in marine conservation. This website also serves as the main access point for Assessors and Coordinators of the project to upload assessments and access the extensive database of the Green Fins members.

See something wrong? As we are still finding our feet or if you have any suggestions then please get back to us and let us know and we will do our best to sort things out.

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