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Green Fins IYOR 2018 Campaign 

This year is set to be the International Year of the Reef 2018, and the Green Fins community will come together to celebrate the importance of coral reef protection! Whether you have a direct connection with the reefs as diver, dive guide or instructor, or those a couple of steps away from the sea as a training agency or dive equipment manufacturer, YOU CAN ALL MAKE A DIFFERENCE. #GreenFinsIYOR2018 social media campaign will cover four simple actions that the diving industry can take control over, allowing reefs to be the strongest they can be:

  1. Redefine the dive – from errant fin kicks to poor photography techniques this action point delivers new tips and tricks guides can use to redefine how their guests dive. Dive tourists will get a deeper understanding of what to expect from their dive shops and dive guides

  2. No anchoring – whilst the impacts of anchoring are well known, the practice remains pervasive in many tourism locations around the world. Alternatives will be clearly outlined

  3. No fish feeding – fish feeding is a highly popular tourism practice around the world but its impacts are felt long after that bag of bread is emptied. Tourists will learn the issues surrounding this practice.

  4. Healthy oceans mean a healthy business – any business related to divers has an inherent interest in healthy coral reefs. Equipment manufacturers have a unique opportunity to lead the way into a circular economy and protect the oceans from a plastic tide. Different stakeholders and individuals will be invited to pledge for coral reef protection long-term.

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#RedefineTheDive (February to April 2018)

This first part of the campaign will be focusing on underwater behaviour, how to be the most environmentally aware diver to have zero impact dives. Providing solutions to dive guides and outlining to divers how they are expected to behave underwater. 

ON APRIL THE NEW #REDEFINETHEDIVE INFOGRAPHIC WILL BE RELEASED! Bringing together all the tips and tricks in one place! And you will be able to find it HERE!

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#RedefineTheDive and help save our reefs! 

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